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Another Pats Gate

The Super Bowl is coming and we have another controversy – deflated balls. Eleven out of twelve Pats’ balls were deflated. The Refs said that at least six of the Seahawks’ balls seemed deflated. Let’s not go into the fact that Tom Brady doesn’t like the ball deflated and was better in the second half when the balls were inflated to their proper weight. Let’s not get into how hard it would be to prove that the balls were deflated by the Pats and not the weather, but let’s get into the incompetence Roger Goodell as NFL commissioner. Most QBs will tell you that they fix up the balls, at least the honest ones do. Most experts will tell you the deflated ball really doesn’t make a difference. But Goodell treats wife beating and child beating players with kid gloves and threatens to bring down the hammer on the Pats for the integrity of the game. Goodell can’t even spell integrity.

So call the Pats cheats. The Sea-Adderall Seahawks have their own ethical questions and a coach who left USC in trouble with the NCAA. To Pats fans I say – let the hyperbole roll off your backs and know that no team plays better than New England when it gets into a bunker mentality. #Inflatethis.

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