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A word on the crusades

After the horror of Paris several intellectuals and powerful people have made comments to the point of getting into a spitting contest. Some defend Islam and some condemn it. This is not about that, so much as one tweet by a well known author who says she is Christian and finds that she can’t stop apologizing for the crusades. I hate ignorance.

The First Crusade started as a widespread call for pilgrimage to the Holy Land and evolved into a military response called by Urban II due to Muslim conquest of Levant and Jerusalem. Byzantine Emperor Alexios I Komnenos called for aid from Western Christian powers to repel the invading Turks, who were converting by the sword. Urban II called for support of the Emperor starting the First Crusades.

Yes, the crusades devolved as time went by. Instead of fighting an invading force, it became about wealth for certain Western Kings. The King of France went so far as to defame the Knights Templars in order to take their lands and wealth.

Now back to my point – the crusades weren’t just about Christianity invading Muslim areas. It started as a response to stop Muslims from invading Christian countries. Once upon a time the great mosques in Istanbul were Catholic Churches. Let’s not forget that Istanbul was once Constantinople.

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