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Another Year

I’ve gotten to that age where I no longer think of New Year’s as New Year’s but as Another Year. The newness of the year is now in question for me. Be in politics, which seems to be caught in some temporal repetition of mediocrity, to the society we live in, there is a banality keeping a sense of newness at bay. From baby Jesus being stolen from mangers to the violence of our age, it all is starting to play like a bad movie. In the sixties and thereafter protesting had an authenticity about it. Now we seem to have profession protestors who will join any cause just for the chance to break a widow of  a small business in order to show their radical cred. The fact that they probably go get a coffee at Starbucks afterwards kind of ruins their bona fides.

There is too much banality these days; too many are pushing agendas while denigrating the beliefs of others. Neil Degrasse Tyson for Christmas tweets a tweak of the nose for those who have the audacity to believe in something greater than science. He and others like him act as if those with faith are incapable of thought and doubt. What they don’t understand is doubt comes with faith. Faith, at its best, doesn’t banish doubt, but it triumphs over it, like one boxer triumphs over another in a hard fought contest.

What would make this a New Year instead of a Another Year is if people could honestly start accepting people’s beliefs and differences. Right now we accept the idea of being different, out of the ordinary. It would be more enlightened if we accepted differences without condemnation or protest. We should be able to disagree without one side being signaled out as being wrong or backwards. In another words if someone wants to believe in Santa, shut up and let believe.

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