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Seasons Greetings

Amidst the reactions and violence of the Michael Brown Grand Jury announcement, a Seasons Greetings sign could be seen. Tear gas landed under it, rocks were thrown past it, cars were burned neared it. Seasons Greetings. To some the tumult and violence was a just reaction to a unjust situation. A beauty salon, some person’s small business, was burned to the ground. Seasons Greetings and I hope you have an up-to-date insurance policy. Was that just? Stores were looted. Did that forward a dialogue on race relations? Civil rights in this country was hard won with peaceful movements that suffered great violence against them. Is this reaction the lesson we learned for their blood and pain? Bring on the violence because it brings attention and makes for great news on the TV. Let us not forget that there were some in Ferguson wearing Guy Fawkes’ masks, who do nothing but act as professional instigators. Michael Brown meant nothing to them. They took advantage of a chance to make police look bad and harass the press. Now Al Sharpton is coming to town to gin up the rhetoric and violence. African American Leaders such as Martin Luther King, JR. Rosa Parks, E.D. Nixon, Robert F. Williams, and James Lawson deserve a better legacy.

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