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Artic Blast

Tennessee is freezing. Being a Southern state Tennessee doesn’t handle the cold all that well. Most structures here are built for 80 to 90 degree weather with the occasional dip into the 50s, solidly built but lacking the extra layers of New England housing, and the heating system leaves much to be desired. There is something of about radiators generating scalding heat to the point that you have to open up a window too cool off. Of course, the farmers around here would rather have rain than a deep chill. 38 degrees during the day and in the 20s at night, in Boston I would have considered that a mild winter. I remember once walking home in Boston that it was so cold my mustache actually froze. All it needs to do now is snow and the State of Tennessee will shut down. People around here handle the rain well enough for driving, though rain during winter has shut the school system down once or twice, but snow tends to shut everything down.

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